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• Credit For Life Experience
• Study at Your Own Pace
• Low Tuition

Monthly Payments






Tuition payments are due on the first of each month. A ten-day grace period is given to students, after which they will incur a $15.00 late charge for each month during which payments are not received. These monthly payments are due regardless of whether or not courses have been completed and returned. If a student misses three consecutive monthly payments, the student will be dropped from the school. In addition, no information will be released for accounts which are in poor standing. To remain in good standing, a student must be current on all payments. Those not in good standing are not eligible for transcripts, degrees, diplomas, grade reports, etc....




Payment Plan (no-interest monthly payment, levied in your account):















Associate's Degree $100 down 
$40 per month
Bachelor's Degree $200 down    
$60 per month
Master's Degree 
$300 down $75 per month
Doctor's Degree $400 down $100 per month
Ph.D. Program $500 down $125 per month










Returned checks incur a penalty of $39 per check.




Refund Policy






All withdrawal and/or refund requests must be in writing, and must include the

original signature of the student. The withdrawal/refund period is computed

from the date of registration, as follows:


• Up to two weeks after the official date of registration, twenty five percent of the original total tuition is payable to LBCS.


• From the third to the fifth week after the date of registration, fifty percent of the original total cost is payable to LBCS.


• After five weeks following registration, the total tuition cost is due and payable to LBCS.