"Training God's Servants"

• Degrees Through Correspondence
• Credit For Life Experience
• Study at Your Own Pace
• Low Tuition

Mission Statement (Purpose)


• To provide a forum of true Christian education, premised upon our foundation, the Word of God.

• To honor the Lord Jesus Christ in obedience to the leading and directing of the Holy Spirit.


We recognize that wisdom originates with God, and is not necessarily synonymous with knowledge. God's wisdom, based on the original Hebrew language of the Old Testament, is discernment coupled with understanding, which culminates in intelligence, as read in Proverbs 9:10. Proverbs 9:9 clarifies 9:10 by stating: "Give instruction to a wise man and he will yet be wiser. Teach a just man and he will increase in learning."


Learning is a life-long process, which is supported and strengthened by study (2 Timothy 2:15). Accordingly, we provide a forum for our students to obtain a quality education in Biblical wisdom by providing practical courses.


In the admonition given by the Apostle Paul to his student, Timothy, there is an urgency to continue in that which he had learned (2 Timothy 3:14). This is the heart of the LBCS curriculum.



Articles of Faith


Liberty Bible College & Seminary (LBCS) is a Bible-believing institution which accepts the following declarations as being taught in Scripture. Thus, they are accepted by us as truth and authoritatively reliable.


• The inspiration and authority of Scripture

• One God, subsisting in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

• The creation of the human race in the image of God

• The fall of man and resultant human depravity

• The deity of Christ, His incarnation, atoning death, and bodily resurrection

• Salvation by the grace of God alone through faith in Jesus Christ alone

• One holy Christian church, the Body of Christ

• The second coming of Jesus Christ and the consummation of all things



Core Values


We affirm the authority of the Bible and believe in the integration of faith, learning, and ministry. We endorse the practice of distance education as a significant contributor to the educational needs of the religious and global community.