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The Diploma of Biblical Studies


The Diploma of Biblical Studies is for God's people who are interested in getting deeper into His Word, but who do not desire to obtain a degree. Upon completion of this course, the student receives a diploma. However, should a recipient of the diploma decide to continue their education, they will be awarded thirty credit hours toward a degree.


By paying the graduation fee, graduates of the Diploma of Biblical Studies may attend the graduation ceremony with those who have earned a degree.


D101 Survey of the Old Testament

D102 Survey of the New Testament

D103 Attendance to Doctrine

D104 Understanding Bible Prophecy

D105 How to Study the Bible

D106 Essentials of Evangelism

D107 When a Christian Sins

D108 Bible Baptism

D109 History of the Churches

D110 Know What You Believe

D111 Bible Facts About Heaven

D112 Epistle of Ephesians

D113 Gospel of Mark

D114 Gospel of Matthew

D115 Revelation



Some courses may be added, changed, or deleted without notice.